We can organize your office without the need to rent suitable premises and recruit qualified personnel, which will save you time and money.

Our Virtual Office gives you the great opportunity to save time, money and energy by providing you reasonable and effective solutions for maintenance and management of information.

Our services are designed not only for individuals and for companies without offices but also for companies without offices in Sofia.
For you skilled secretarial work team that presents the image of your company to your customers and provides a maximum bandwidth with them and contact you.

Virtual Office is suitable for those who:

- travel frequently and have no need or time to maintain an office;
- work from home but need a prestigious office in the center of Sofia;
- live and work outside of Sofia but have meetings with customers in the capital;
- need an office Address for Tax registration or;
an address for registration of the company;
- wish to have a representative in Sofia;
- are staring a new business and do not want to risk with expensive rent and recruiting personnel;
- willing to work quietly, without calling undue lead;
- want to go on vacation but do not want to close their office;
- want to have a personal phone number in Sofia or personal CUSTOMER SERVICE number.

We provide you a prestigious office address in the city of Sofia, which can be used in all your business documents including business cards, letterheads, invoices, labels, etc., and use it for all correspondence with government authorities.

"With us you run your business smoothly and you earn the trust of your customers"

Save on time and money!

No recruitment of personnel, no expensive rent,
equipment and supplies, , no unexpected expenses

Organize your correspondence!
Mail forwarding. Scanning and emailing. Storage in our office
Be always available !

Receive phone calls wherever you are.
Forwarding phone calls to mobile, home phone, оffice
business phone or secretary.

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